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Expand all Collapse all. Put page numbers in the right-hand corner one inch from both top and side of the page. Page numbers half an inch from the top of the page are also acceptable. If you are using Microsoft Word, directions about how to exclude title page, etc. Number appendices consecutively with the text, continuing the Arabic numeral sequence. Landscaped pages must have page numbers in portrait position and the top of the page must be on the left-hand, binding side of the page when it is rotated.

There are a number of ways to do this. Note that if you do not rotate the landscaped pages, you want page numbers to appear in the same position as the highlighted number 3 in the second row of examples.

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Use 10 to 12 point type. Double-space the main text of the dissertation. Lengthy quotations, footnotes, and bibliographies may be single-spaced with a double space between entries or paragraphs. Maps, charts, etc. Fair Use: Read general information regarding how to determine if your use of copyrighted materials constitutes fair use.

Additionally, your own professional or disciplinary societies may have fair use statements to help you negotiate disciplinary specialties. Written Permission: If written permission is required, you are responsible for obtaining such permission and maintaining records of the written permission to use the copyrighted material in your thesis. You can usually get permission by sending a letter of request to the copyright holder. Normally, your letter will be returned with an approval stamp or signature. Some copyright holders require a specific form of acknowledgment.

Note that obtaining written permission can be a lengthy process. Plan ahead and budget ample time to obtain all required permissions. You will then receive an e-mail with a unique PIN and password. You must advance past the certificate of completion screen in order to submit the survey.

The DES obtains information on your academic experience e. At the end of the survey there is a survey completion screen. If you have problems accessing the survey, please contact exitsurveys grad. Before you begin the submission steps, please be sure you have the following: Full text of your dissertation in PDF format.

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This must be one file. Fonts must be embedded. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is MB. The PDF file name cannot contain periods except for the. UMI abstract text. This abstract, preferably not more than words, must be in English.

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You will be asked to copy and paste this text during the electronic submission steps. Optional supplementary files. These images, data, etc. These should be listed exactly as they appear on your approved warrant. Subject category. Please choose one to three subject categories from the Subject Category list that best describe your dissertation subject area.

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Receipt confirming payment of the dissertation deposit fee. Electronic copy of the signed final warrant. Only some special characters can be used in this field. The title field does not accept subscript, superscript, or Greek letters; instead, you will need to spell these out. Select the year in which you completed your manuscript. If you are depositing during the window period and are uncertain, please contact the Graduate School.

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Select the degree you will receive and your program. Do not repeat your advisor in the list of committee members. Abstract: Enter the text of your UMI abstract exactly as it was approved by your faculty advisor, preferably no more than words. At the submission step called Administrative Documents, you will be required to upload the following items: Dissertation Deposit Confirmation Receipt : upload a PDF of the email receipt you received from the UW-Madison Graduate School fee payment website.

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Ensure the data plan and sample size are accurate, and select the correct analyses. Help effectively address needed revisions to ensure speedy approval. Help includes transcribing interviews, coding data, selecting themes, and assessing the reliability of the themes. Assist in developing future research. We have helped over 5, students complete their degree programs and we have over 22yrs experience.

Who Utilizes Dissertation Consulting Services? What are the Benefits of Dissertation Consulting? Pin It on Pinterest. Motivation may be maintained and even enhanced as each small step is completed. Organization provides a sense of control, holds procrastination at minimal levels, and is key to completing the dissertation.

How do you get organized? Outline the small steps needed to complete this large project. All too often, students may feel that their only goal is to finish the thesis. A goal this large may feel indomitable; break it down into the component tasks. For example, at the proposal stage, the tasks may be organized as follows: thesis statement , literature review, method, plan for analyses.

Each of these tasks entails many smaller tasks.

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The list for the literature review may consist of an outline of the topics you wish to discuss, with each outlined as detailed as possible. You may even wish to list relevant articles in the appropriate places within the outline. The method will consist of the participants, including items on locating them, rewards, drafting informed consent forms, locating measures, describing psychometric properties of the measures, piloting measures, drafting the procedure, etc. The hardest parts of writing your dissertation is starting and staying on track.

So how do you write your dissertation? Read on for tips on how to write your dissertation and successfully complete your graduate program. In terms of completing your list of dissertation tasks, it is not necessary to start at the beginning.

In fact, believing that one starts the dissertation proposal by writing his or her introduction and thesis and ends with the plan for analyses will detain progress. Begin where you feel comfortable and fill in the gaps. You will find that you gain momentum with the completion of each small task. Feeling overwhelmed by any particular task is a sign that you have not broken it down into small enough pieces. Set aside periods of time to write on a regular basis. Establish a firm schedule.

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  4. Train yourself to write in short blocks, for at least an hour a day. All too often we insist that we need large blocks of time to write.