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International GCSE History

The Cambridge IGCSE History syllabus looks at some of the major international issues of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as covering the history of particular regions in more depth. The emphasis is on both historical knowledge and on the skills required for historical research.

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Learners develop an understanding of the nature of cause and effect, continuity and change, similarity and difference and find out how to use and understand historical evidence as part of their studies. Cambridge IGCSE History will stimulate any learner already interested in the past, providing a basis for further study, and also encouraging a lifelong interest in the subject.

Both coursework and non-coursework options are available. From this syllabus will be available in Administrative Zone 3 in both June and November. Check the administrative zones for your school. For further information please contact our Customer Services team at info cambridgeinternational.

IGCSE History Online Distance Learning Course

MAGIC It will help you to plan your revision programme for the examination and will explain what the examiners are looking for in the answers you write. The guide contains the following sections: Section 1 - How will you be tested? This section will give you information on the different examination papers that are available.

Section 2 - What will you be tested on?

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This section describes the areas of knowledge, understanding and skills that the examiners will test you on. You will have to select what you need to cover in Sections 1 and 3 by finding out from your teacher whether you are doing Coursework or the alternative Paper to coursework. Section 1 - How will you be tested? Paper 1 and Paper 2, and either Paper 3 coursework or Paper 4 alternative to coursework. Your teacher will be able to tell you whether you are doing coursework Paper 3 or taking Paper 4. If you are doing coursework, you will complete two assignments and just take Paper 1 and Paper 2 in the examination. However, if you are not doing coursework, you will take three Papers in the examination, i.