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The art of characterization comes down to establishing a pattern of habits and actions for the person you are writing about and introducing variations into the system. The point is to begin to take inventory of yourself so that you can present that self to the reader as a specific, legible character. I would further maintain that this process of turning oneself into a character is not self-absorbed navel-gazing.

But rather a potential release from narcissism. It means you have achieved sufficient distance to begin to see yourself in the round: a necessary precondition to transcending the ego—or at least writing personal essays that can touch other people. He or she looks especially for anything unusual or distinct about the person or persons involved but does not ignore what is ordinary and typical. The writer then reports, in as interesting a way as possible, these poses, posturings, habitual gestures, mannerisms, appearances, glances.

Not that the writer limits observations to these, but these frequently appear in creative nonfiction writing. Continue Reading. Bheem helps all the people who are in problem. He always take part in every competition in Dholakpur. One thief who every time runs through the jail, he then also caught him and put in jail and his name is Daku Mangal Singh. Bheem argue with his friends when they are wrong. He can also calm down angry animals.

When farmers work on field and animals attack them, Bheem also helps them. Once upon a time in a village named Dholakpur , there lived a boy whose name was Bheem. He was very active, intelligent, witty and curious boy. Bheem is a very helpful person; whenever his friends, King or anybody else needs help he always help them. When in the town there is any problem he always solve it very peacefully.

Jaggu is a monkey,he is very active. Raju is very naughty and cute boy. Dholu and Bholu are brothers, whatever Dholu says Bholu says the same line. There is a king of Dholakpur named Indraverma, he is very old but he has a very royal and big palace. The palace is very nice from inside.

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She is very beautiful as well as very polite with everybody. When there is any contest Bheem wins. Bheem wins the match, he is a all-rounder player. When there is any problem Bheem fights with the evils and save everybody.


My Favourite Literary Character Sample Essay

Chota Bheem is one of my favourite cartoon characters. King Indraverma has faith on him and all the villagers also have faith on him. Bheem is very intelligent and wise, his stories are very exciting. He solves all problems very easily. Bheem likes to eat ladoo. He can fight with four dacoits very easily. He loves all his villagers but he is little bit naughty too. I like Chota Bheem very much and I want to be a good human being like him.

Hello, My son is 8 years old and he also wish to particiate in this essay writing. Kindly let me know how to participate. My Name is G. It contains as many as pages. I love the theme as well as the characters of this story. It took me almost two months to finish reading this novel.

My favorite fictional character

The story is set in India that recently attained independence from the British Rule. It narrates the story of four families. The story set in the fictional town of Brahmpur focuses on the character of Mrs. Rupa Mehra who is eagerly looking for a match for her younger daughter, Lata. As I began reading the book, it reminded me of Pride and Prejudice. The character of Mrs.

The central theme seemed similar too. She is a young girl who is daring and likes to take her decisions on her own. She does not conform to the rules set by her mother and the opinion of her brother. The difficulties she faces in the due course of the story and the way she tries to overcome them is interesting. Her character inspires me to stand for what I feel is right.


The caste and class tension and the post -partition politics form the backdrop of the novel making it more interesting. Vikram Seth, born in Calcutta in the year , is an Indian author and poet. He belongs to a well educated and respectable Indian family. Seth has written several interesting novels and poems.

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  6. His writings have been immensely appreciated. He has won some prestigious awards for his work. The social and political issues that the country was gripped with post independence have been interwoven appropriately to set the tone of the novel. I read a lot. It is my favourite hobby. I keep reading books from different authors but my favourite ones are those written by the famous Indian author Ruskin Bond.

    I have been reading his books since my childhood and have always loved them. One of my favourite books is The Room on the Roof. He lives with Mr. They reside in a European colony in Dehradun. Harrison wants Rusty to turn out into a sophisticated Englishman. This is the reason he tries to keeps him away from the Indians living in their vicinity. Rusty, on the other hand, loves playing with his Indian friends.

    He enjoys their company thoroughly.

    Types of Character Analysis Essays

    Unable to bear Mr. He starts living with his friends and becomes dependent on them for his routine needs. Rusty explores so much about India and the Indian culture as he begins to live away from Mr. He loves this new found freedom. But soon he realizes that he cannot go on this way for long.

    My Favourite Character

    He understands that he needs to work in order to survive. Soon, he begins to give English lessons to Kishen Kapoor, who is the son of Mr. They give him accommodation and food in return for his service. He starts living in a room on their roof. Eventually, he finds out that Mr.

    Kapoor is a drunkard. His wife, Meena is 20 years younger to him.

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    7. Rusty feels infatuated to Meena and she reciprocates the feelings. The two grow quite close. For the first time in his life, Rusty feels elated. However, his happiness is short-lived as Meena dies in a car accident. Rusty is devastated at the news and so is Kishen. After this incidence, Kishen goes to live with his aunt and Rusty is left alone. In order to overcome the grief and start life afresh, Rusty decides to get settled in England.