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You must also detail your methodology, explaining what you plan to do and why.

It is imperative to indicate how your methodology helps to answer your research questions. You will want to list the materials, evidence and data that you will use in order to prove your thesis, as well as what contribution you hope your research will make in the field. With your literature review, identify the conceptual and methodological strengths and weaknesses of the existing research on your subject.

The literature review is your opportunity to locate the gaps in existing research that your work could fill. The bibliography is rather self-explanatory. Your appendices should support and define your research. You would be well-advised to write several drafts of your dissertation proposal before arriving at the final proposal. Most graduate students shy away from making bold claims for their work or potential work, but you need to step forward in your proposal and attempt to answer the big question: "So What? In short, how will your thesis contribute to the body of knowledge in your field of study?

Your final dissertation proposal should be titled, and include a title page and table of contents. Include a detailed timeline in your proposal. Most dissertation proposals are no less than 10 pages. However, the average length falls between 15 and 20 pages.

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Don't panic—if you have a strong hypothesis, identify the importance of your research and the prior research, and employ the proper methodology, you will be on your way to writing a successful dissertation proposal. Tags: life as a grad student graduate school academics doctorates writing a dissertation dissertations grad student life grad school.

Dissertation proposal preparation As you start to think about your dissertation proposal, begin by thinking about the bigger picture, and pare down from there. Begin writing a dissertation proposal One way of going about writing your dissertation proposal is to organize it around a set of questions with an appropriate methodology to answer those questions.

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Your dissertation proposal should answer the following questions: What problem are you going to pursue? Why is it a problem? Melisande McCrae. English is my second language.

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How Long Is a Dissertation?

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You are expected to include a title page, an abstract, a properly paginated table of contents, and a bibliography and notes section. Some dissertations are even required to be indexed. Aspects such as the bibliography, notes, and an index, if required, will substantially add to the overall length of the paper without increasing the text. Some institutions that have length requirements do not include these pages as part of those requirements, while others just take the total page count.

Know your university's requirements thoroughly before finishing and handing in your dissertation for approval. Whatever the length of your dissertation, it's eventually going to face approval by a committee. Dissertations are reviewed by a committee consisting of the dissertation adviser and at least two other members of the faculty.

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This group is often more interested in intellectual rigor than in page count, but it's still important to follow their length requirements. It might be possible to come up a little short, and still produce an outstanding piece of research that meets approval; however, you would be taking a risk by not following the guidelines.

The point of a dissertation is to produce a paper that contributes to academic knowledge in some way. If approved, your dissertation is destined to go onto the university library's shelves. The quality of the research is a key consideration. If there is a minimum requirement of pages, and a dissertation only contains pages, it probably means there are either substantial aspects of the question that have not been examined, or substantial holes in the research. If a dissertation is short by several dozen pages, rather than a couple of dozen, it will appear to be unfinished, meaning that more research is necessary.

This is not a problem that will be solved by simply being more wordy and padding your dissertation with fluff.