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I learned from her that day some Asian cultures. I made an apology to Keiko and let her know I was trying to be helpful and that I meant no disrespect.


One of the crucial points to effective intercultural communication is knowledge. It is extremely vital that people recognize the problems of intercultural communication and make an effort to overcome these problems when there is a culturally diverse workforce. A large number of people make the assumption that cultural diversity is the cause of communication issues.

Employers should be willing to be open-minded and forgiving, rather than threatening and aggressive, if issues arise. One should be cautious in intercultural interactions and come to any assumption of how a person feels or what person thinking. One of the main points to intercultural communication is Reflective Listening.

Reflective Listening is used to analysis what someone is saying by reiterate what you think you heard. This helps in validating what was heard is accurately understood Vuckovic, Reflective Listening is also helpful because there are many words and gestures that are used in different ways among languages or cultural groups. Some organizations frequently use mediators that are familiar with different cultures.

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This can be very helpful in intercultural communication situations. Mediators help in translating both the words and gestures. For example, what would be considered inappropriate in one culture can be discussed and changed, so it does not offend before they are shared with culture. Americans are quick to reference or direct to the issues.

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Other cultures like to set up relationships before any business is discussed. If a relationship is not made before discussions on business are started there is no trust in the person that is speaking.

A mediator that recognizes the issue can help in making appropriate adjustments to the procedures. Organization need to be knowledgeable about managing a diverse culture. It is vital for an organization to succeed in global arena. The responsibility of a diverse culture influences talent management policies and procedures in the workplace. One talent continues to motivate others; demonstrate the ability to effectually communicate with clients, coworkers, and management.


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If there are no effective communication skills the workplace suffers. References University of Northern Iowa. Non-Verbal Communication. Vuckovic, Aleksandra. Inter-cultural communication: a foundation of communicative action. Free Online Research Papers The biggest database of essays and research papers on the internet.


Home Contact Us My Account. No Comments. The subject of cross-cultural communication appeared in the middle of the 20th century in the USA when the world was just entering the new era of globalization process. The countries of the world can not exist separately and require close political and economic relations with other countries, so it has become of vital importance to train businessmen communicate with the businessmen of other cultures in order to build new economic connections.

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Another reason of the rapid development of the discipline is the strong migration process. The people of a one cultural group move to the environment where a completely different cultural group lives and it is important to teach people to communicate in the proper way learning about the codes and norms of behaviour of the neighbours belonging to another culture. Cross-cultural communication is the discipline and methodology of communication between the people who belong to different cultures. The student who is interested in social sciences will find the topic on cross-cultural communication quite interesting, because his future occupation will be related with these issues.

One will need to brainstorm the problem for the research and persuade the professor that the topic is worth attention and scrupulous analysis. After that it is possible to dwell on the points and questions chosen on the research and demonstrate what exactly the student wants to achieve in his investigation with the help of the research proposal.

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It does not worth mentioning that a research proposal is a difficult and specific assignment which requires preciseness and logic of writing, so the young person is able to read a free example research proposal on cross-cultural communication and learn about the structure of the text and the right observation of the matter.

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