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Well, maybe I just say clear…maybe I clear both under header. Okay so but we still have…and we could easily just give ourselves some margin right, to move it over too. Margin left: what is that? Maybe So now our menu pretty much goes to the edge so that gives us the same result although as soon as you add a new menu item, we will need to come back in here and change that.

Okay, even when I practice beforehand. So we got this… the only thing we only have left to do really is to get this little background image to show up under the current tab. So we do. And then instead of being header background png, it is actually…what did I say that was?

How to change the nav menu below the header image in thesis theme?

No repeat, I think I need a hyphen in there. Okay, so now with the triangle here, now we need to make the bottom of this tab down to the bottom of this thing. And so what I would do then is give it myself some padding…oh, pardon me.

The Ultimate Visual Guide to the Thesis Full-Width Framework

Copy, paste it above it, get rid of that current and we are going to do what? We are going to add padding. What happens if we give it 20 pixels all the way around? Okay, okay that works.

How to Change the Header Image Above nav Menu in Thesis Theme?

Okay so now this is a little bit better centered, needs to be more than 30 pixels though, looks like. There we go. And so now what happens is that little arrow, bottom of that arrow is sitting you know, on the bottom line of the blue and hang on a second…and it would all be perfect had I figured out that…if I got that float thing right.

So we could say here padding: 2. So that covers…this gets top and bottom and this gets left and right and that punches… gets rid of some of this space here. So does that look basically what you want it to look like?

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The very first thing we have to do is add it to our custom css file now. Copy, custom css, and paste it. Okay, save it, upload it, and just check it. See if it looks right in these other versions of the site. Okay, it does. If we open this up in…or float left. Float left would work also. If we open this up, open up the developer tools and say go to css and go to custom css and then if we scroll down here to…where to go?

No, float left. Why would that be the case? It looked better a moment ago. Okay, go back to developer tools, custom css.

I think we need to come here and we need to say…we just need to give it an explicit width. Okay, UL menu and then width: px; Save the document, upload the document, refresh the document. Okay and what else did I do? Did I? Custom css, UL menu, add attribute, float. If I float left, what happens? If I float right, what happens? Okay, refresh it now, there we go. So well, any other questions about that? See how to make it work.

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Great anyway, it was a fun little trick so I enjoyed working it out so…. Hello Rick, Hope you are well.

How To Move Your Thesis Nav Menu Below The Header

I have been following you on youtube and I like your work. I wanted to know how to add new text tag line to the header. I have shares a message with you on skype as susancikudenise.

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Do have a great day. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thesis 2. Create a Thesis Header Image with Photoshop. Join Us! Whoops, you've found some protected content! By default, when you install a fresh copy of Thesis, the Page Framework is selected.

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You may have been using Thesis already for some time and never realized you had another option! When the default Page Framework is active, a rendered page consists of a single container which contains a page element which encompasses all of your page elements: header, content, and footer. That container is a certain width, and outside of it is the body background. Any customizations of the header, content or footer are restrained within that page element, and thus do not reach from edge to edge of the window.

Most new users run up against this limitation when they first attempt to create a custom header or footer that spans the width of the screen. You need to understand how Thesis is generating the page elements to take advantage of the new layout possibilities. All three of these also have the class.

The page element id has changed to a. You can still apply formatting to the header , but as it is nested within the. This, as it states, applies extra padding to the. Something that many people prefer when designing massive full-width headers is to move the navigation menu out of the header entirely so as not to be limited by the width of the header , which is nested inside the. This has been visualized above with shades of color.